Me, Myself and Blog

What is this all about?

Follow me (or just take a quick look) as I discover this new and exciting thing we call blogging!

My name is Reeta, I live in Melbourne Australia and I study at the University of Melbourne doing a double Arts Major in Media and Communications and Politics and International Studies. I was born and mainly raised in Canberra, and moved here as a bright eyed 20 year old… That was seven months ago, and although my eyes have dimmed slightly I am still very interested in the Media especially ‘new media’.

Heaps of people (secretly including myself) start a blog with the grand hope of creating a crazy sensation and fan base of people who follow our every post, because like the all-so wise Dizzee Rascal once said:

“Everybody wants to be famous, nobody wants to be nameless, aimless, people act shameless…”

Yeah you get the idea…

Many argue that ‘new media’ avenues such as blogging have opened up the information arena bringing power back to what was once classified as ‘the audience’. Not only does this mean there is an increasing wave of ‘user generated’ content, but a growing amount of ways to do this.

Through Blogception I would like to try and understand and write about:

1. Does ‘new media’ rival ‘old media’?

Will print news become obsolete because of blogs and online news? Will Archaeologists of the future stumble across a strange mass grave of Televisions one day? Will photographers lose their jobs to 14 year old girls with Instagram?

2. Is the Internet just adding to the ‘white noise’?

White Noise explains the overload of information, news and ideas that can tend to blur the distinction between what is good, bad and even worthwhile.

3. What do people really think about where media is heading.

Are we all equally scared of being brainwashed as I am? Are people sleeping with aluminium foil on their heads? Do we care about conglomerates, and social media, and news and all this STUFF?!

Hopefully I can touch on these ideas through the next 10 weeks whilst still having fun. But who knows, I may get hooked and find myself falling into the black, endless chasm that is the internet, with nothing but my blog noosed tightly around my neck as my way back… Too far?

Hope you enjoy, and if you want to have your say just comment or email me!

xo Reeta


let there be Blog…

Hey world,

As part of my Net Comm class at Melbourne Uni I am required to throw myself out into cyber space and create, and regularly post on a blog of my very own.

Check out some of my other pages where I try to be profound and comment on technology and ‘new media’, and show off my photography skills.

Hope it is interesting and not too self indulgent…

xo Reeta


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